All the album-quality images from your photography selection, retouched and presented on CD.

The CD of photographs from your wedding day contains approximately 200-300 images. I don't guarantee a set number of shots as I prefer refer to wait and to only press the button when the moment is right. The photographs included will be all the shots that you can see in the complimentary wedding photo gallery. Some of the photographs in the gallery will be re-touched to give you a flavour of what you can choose in the finished wedding album. These retouched shots will all be included on the CD. The wedding photographs on the CD are in hi res and there is no protection on them so you can print them or put them on Facebook if you like!

I would recommend any printing is done by a professional photographic print studio. Printing on an inkjet or from on online service or 1 hour photo service will yield varied results which will simply not look or feel as good as a professional job. If you have gone to the trouble of hiring a professional photographer, using professional equipment who also retouches your photographs then it's advisable to get the printing right too.

If you decide to print some of your wedding photos to frame for the wall or as gifts I'm happy to offer a good discount to couples whos weddings I have photographed.