How to choose a wedding photographer
1. STYLE you like 2. TRUST the photographer 3. PRICE in your budget

My aim is to connect with you and demystify wedding photography. I’ll be posting more videos so please share with your engaged friends

What price is wedding photography?
1. Decide what’s most important in your budget? Venue / food / band / dress / rings / photography …. remember photos are one of the few things you have to keep after the wedding?
2. Decide part-time vs full time insured professional. Pro rates will be approx 1400 to 3k depending on length of cover and album type and how in demand he / she is.
3. Everyone can take a great photo but doing so all day requires lots of experience training and interpersonal skills!
Winter wedding photography tips at Cliff at Lyons
CONSIDER 1. Ceremony Time
2. Number of guests in receving line (100 guests = 20 mins approx)
3. Do family shots as soon and couple photos as soon as possible. It hets dark at 4!
Finally weather this time of year can be lovely – sunny and crisp

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