Reportage Wedding Photography is Natural and Unposed
Reportage Wedding Photography is your Grand Entrance
Reportage Wedding Photography is Fun
Reportage Wedding Photography is Magical Squeezes
Reportage Wedding Photography is Emotional
Reportage Wedding Photography is The Moment at the Church Door with your Parents
Reportage Wedding Photography is Having the Craic
Reportage Wedding Photography is Holding Your Hand Forever

Photographic Memory

"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever."

Wedding Photographer of the Year Finalist

Natural Wedding Photography

Your wedding photographer

Would you like to spend more time with your family and friends on your wedding day? Do you want to free yourself from posing? Reportage wedding photography is a natural and relaxed, unposed style of wedding photography. 

Your wedding will be unique so why not treat yourself to beautiful wedding photography that will not only capture your magical moments but also, tell the story of your special day. 

Wedding guests laughing at Village Barn
Wedding speech fun and laughter at Cliff at Lyons
Huge celebrations as wedding couple arrive in Kinnitty Castle
"They lived and laughed and loved and left"

James Joyce

My Approach

A unique experience

Reportage wedding photography has nothing to do with cameras. It’s all interpersonal. It’s trust. It’s connection. It’s feeling so relaxed you won’t notice your photographer. The result being beautiful photos bringing a smile to your face and tears to your eyes. It’s photography that connects you to your timeless past moments & feelings. It’s photography elevated to the sublime.

My way of working with clients, like you, helps me produce the natural and “real” style wedding photos that traditional style directed photography cannot capture.

The Experience

Beautiful, fun & atmospheric

I love using natural light compositions that capture the beauty, the fun, and the atmosphere of your wedding day. I have worked in every style of venue in Ireland as well as destination weddings and elopements. No matter what your day is like I work with you at every step to ensure that you have a unique and tailored photography experience. Your photographs will be as unique as your wedding day and become a timeless record of your special day. I don’t rely on any standard wedding photography formula, so I am free to respond to your feelings and needs, creating a natural flow on the day. 

My Style

Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage wedding photography is also known as documentary wedding photography. This style minimises the number of posed photographs you are asked to do on your wedding day. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your day as you have always dreamed you will. Your photographs will be beautiful and will reflect your real feelings and emotions and those of your family and friends at your wedding. 

A Personal service

Getting to know you

Whether you have a large Irish wedding, or an elopement planned, your bespoke wedding photography package will include an initial pre-wedding consultation. I will get to know your likes as a couple, and we’ll build some rapport. My clients say this meeting really puts them at their ease. I can answer any questions you may have and make a note of your “must have shots”. I will help you as much as possible, using my years of experience photographing weddings, ensuring you get beautiful photos capturing the essence of the day.

Now that you're engaged

Getting started

If you are doing your initial wedding photography research then I suggest you visit my page explaining the benefits of reportage wedding photography. It will give you a great insight into what the different wedding photography styles are. In any case, it will help you in your journey to choose a wedding photographer.

If you are closer to deciding who you want your wedding photographer to be then please get in touch with me and check my availability. 

"We do not remember days, we remember moments"

Cesare Pavese