Beautiful in Black – Chrissie and Dave’s Kinnitty Castle Wedding

Tadhg Nathan

Photography for me is all about connection, presence, emotion and memory. I believe human connection, and a sense of belonging is part of our deepest human desire. Presence to me means being there fully for you, bringing my eye, heart and mind to every moment. Emotion is about paying attention and capturing the emotional moments and key events of the day. Finally, memory is the feelings that you will feel again when when you see your natural wedding photos.

Table of Contents

The wedding

Chrissie and Dave tied the knot in September at Kinnitty Castle. It was a pleasure to shoot their wedding photos. Chrissie’s black dress is stunning and different as you can see. Her mum made the flower crown. I love shooting wedding photos at Kinnitty – ceremonies at the castle make everything very relaxed for everyone. It gives me plenty of opportunity to move freely around covering all the fun wedding happenings and details of the day.

Like all my weddings my wedding photography is mostly reportage wedding photography. We spent maybe 15 mins on the couple shoot which was a lighthearted stroll down the avenue to the woods – just as it should be on your wedding day!

The location

The long hall in Kinnity makes for a wonderful ceremony location

Civil wedding ceremony set up in Kinnitty Castle long room

The Build Up

Chrissie and Dave both got ready at the ceremony (in adjacent rooms). It’s a real privilege for me to be able to move from room to room and capture the atmosphere of the morning.

I love the delicate light and shadow in the below photo.

Posed bridal portrait in black dress at Kinnitty Castle

The moments

It’s the smallest moments and delicate touches that capture the connection between bride and groom. The reason everyone is here today!

Love this shot for lots of reasons. Bridal party walking to the ceremony. The stairs show the journey. All the preparation has lead up to this moment. I can only guess the feelings as nervous excitement.

Bridal party on stairs in Kinnitty Castle

Few posed ones here…for the album / wall

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