Featured On Irish Wedding Blog

Featured On Irish Wedding Blog

Tadhg Nathan

Photography for me is all about connection, presence, emotion and memory. I believe human connection, and a sense of belonging is part of our deepest human desire. Presence to me means being there fully for you, bringing my eye, heart and mind to every moment. Emotion is about paying attention and capturing the emotional moments and key events of the day. Finally, memory is the feelings that you will feel again when when you see your natural wedding photos.

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Francesca and Mark's Wedding at carton House

It’s so great to have more wedding photos featured and this time it’s on Ireland’s top wedding blog: Irish Wedding Blog. Francesca and Mark’s day was in Carton House and one really cool thing about their day was that Carton House is the family’s ancestral family home. Her mum and dad are the Duke and Duchess of Leinster! They had some great stories of times past in the house. We went into the shell cottage and to take a few photos inside! I’m delighted my Carton House Wedding Photographs have been featured! Thanks Francesca and Mark for inviting me to be part of your day. Thanks Sara for featuring the wedding. 

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