IPPVA Wedding Photography Awards 2022

IPPVA Wedding Photography Awards 2022

Tadhg Nathan

Photography for me is all about connection, presence, emotion and memory. I believe human connection, and a sense of belonging is part of our deepest human desire. Presence to me means being there fully for you, bringing my eye, heart and mind to every moment. Emotion is about paying attention and capturing the emotional moments and key events of the day. Finally, memory is the feelings that you will feel again when when you see your natural wedding photos.

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Irish Professional Wedding Photography and Videography 2022 Awards

I’m delighted to have received an award forĀ documentary wedding photography in the IPPVA 2022 awards.

There’s a lot of action & magic in this photo and I love the light, shadow & colours.

Reportage wedding photography is all about the moment.

IPPVA wedding photography award

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