Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

"Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary."

Please fill in an enquiry form here with your date and I will be in touch.

When you are ready to book and have confirmed date is available the process is to pay a booking deposit of €300. After that I will send you a booking confirmation.

This depends on length of coverage and what happens on the day. Typically, this is around 400+ images from preparation to the meal.

If you are getting ready at the same location, then yes. For separate locations coverage will depend on distance and timings. I am happy to discuss your options for this.

Your bespoke wedding photography package includes a pre-wedding consultation so I can get to know your needs as a couple and answer any questions you may have. I will make note of any must-have shots during this meeting.

I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a unique and tailored photography experience. We will have an essential pre-planning coffee meeting in the month before your day. I love to meet in person over a coffee. All my clients find this meeting a great experience. We'll chat about timings on your day, must have shots and photos you like. It's about building rapport between us so you both will feel super

relaxed about your photography experience on the big day. If face-to-face is not possible, say for destination weddings, then Skype / Facetime is ok too


Yes, I travel all over Ireland and abroad.

For weddings < 1 hr drive from Kildare there is no additional charge. For longer distances and particularly where an overnight stay is needed travel costs will be based on actual expenses.

The best method of payment is by online bank transfer.


The price stated in your booking form is the price you pay. If desired, you could add extras e.g. different album, additional albums.


Typically, I arrive to the bride approximately 2 hours before the ceremony time.

Processing to create the highest quality images for you can’t be rushed. It takes a few days per wedding. My target is to get the completed gallery to you in 8 weeks. Depending on workload (time of year usually) the time can be shorter / sometimes longer. I know you will be keen to see your images so trust me I’m on the case, doing my best to get them to you.

No! They are watermarked online to stop them ‘travelling’ on the internet

Yes! They are the full and final versions ready for printing.

Sorry no. The photos are for your own personal use with your family and friends. Your suppliers may see them of course but they cannot use them for commercial reasons without license. I too will not give any of your images for use by any of the wedding suppliers on your day without your permission. I will only use your photos as part of my portfolio in the same way you saw my images before your booking.

Take your time. Look and reflect and speak to your friends and family as everyone has different tastes. Sometimes an image you initially reject can mean a lot more to you after a little time. Also, less is more! If you like a few similar photographs, then I recommend you choose one of them. An image alone will usually be much stronger in an album than two similar images side by side. Do not censor yourself – if you can’t bear leaving photos out, then a bigger book is possible. I have made albums up to 100 pages in size with 200+ images…but that’s the exception! This adds cost so if you want some advice give me a quick call and I can outline options. For your reference I have made a selection of photo highlights. These are shots that caught my eye, usually the ones I worked on a little more. I hope they give you some insight into how I saw your day

A 30-page book will hold 50-55 images. Any more than that will impact the design. If you wish to add more photos, it’s possible to add pages (at an additional cost)

Create a client account on the main gallery page. Above each large photo in the MAIN PHOTO GALLERY click “add to favourites”. When you selection is complete you can then share this selection with me via a link on the top right of the page
IMPORTANT: You can save this favourite set by creating a client account
Note: Photos are named: YYMMDD_WEDDING_yournames_number To avoid confusion please do not use numbers from thumbnail sized images.

Yes, of course! Send on the email or use the share links to the main gallery.

Of course. Just let me know the name YYMMDD_WEDDING_yournames_number and I will remove them.

The highlights and slideshow are created as a showcase of images I feel are strongest and tell the story of the day. The gallery and slideshow take several hours to select, build, render and upload so is usually only done once. If you would like an additional slideshow / gallery created, it is possible to do so. There will be a nominal charge to cover additional time. Please enquire for more info.

Yes. Please advise if you have a preference.

Yes. All prints ordered / downloaded from the main gallery will be high resolution without any watermark. The watermark appears on the online version of the images to protect against unauthorised usage.

Yes, no problem, just let me know the image name YYMMDD_WEDDING_yournames_number

Your photos have been retouched in colour / black and white to create the strongest possible images and tell your story in a pleasing mix (and if specified in keeping with your preferences). Each photo is individually retouched so there is no quick way to change the finish. Therefore, due to the time taken to retouch each image individually requests for colour changes is limited to the photos you choose for your album (~50)

Yes, retouching of the album selection photos is possible. Retouching includes colour, crop, style. Specialist retouching requests in photoshop may require additional time and skill which could mean outsourcing and additional cost. Please let me know your needs and I can advise if specialist work is needed.

Yes, they can there are links on the main gallery. If you would like to disable this feature, please advise your preference.

Once you have selected photos and you have approved your album design it takes between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on your album choice and the time of year. I’ll be able to advise when the images are sent to the lab.

If you plan on printing lots of small images for casual showing with family / friends then your local photo shop (not automatic machine) may be fine. On the other hand, since you’ve chosen a professional photographer and your images have all been post-processed, I would recommend professional lab finishing for any images you plan on displaying. They will be individually printed on lustre paper by trained professionals in colour correction. The difference is amazing.