Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography is all about capturing the moment. It’s natural. It’s real. And it requires no posing.

My inspiration for reportage style photography is Henri Cartier Bresson, known as the godfather of catching the moment.

Reportage Wedding Photography is my main style

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Stylish, modern natural-posed photography and processing  to create stunning images of you on your special day. These photographs are usually taken in your venue & surrounding grounds.

The process is relaxed and typically takes approx 15 mins (or longer if you prefer!) on your day. The rest of the time I will shoot reportage style.

Classical Wedding Photography

Formal shots, Posed groups, Portraits posed using lighting techniques introduced by Rembrandt in the 1600s. Timeless images you will cherish. These shots are posed by windows / in doorways / under trees in order to get the right lighting conditions.

Family Photography

Family Portraits / Events / Communion Photography

Elopement Wedding Photography

Sometimes it is just you and your beloved. 

Wedding Photos by Hotel / Venue

Wedding Photography at selected locations