Reportage Wedding Photography Portfolio

Some of my favourite reportage wedding photos

Welcome to my reportage wedding photography portfolio. Here you will see some of my favourite wedding photos and I will also explain to you my reasons for loving them!

Wedding Photography websites are mostly about showing off lots of great images, after all the image tells the story! But how does that help you decide who to choose? So my thinking for this article is, rather than just post a huge gallery of images here, I want to take the opportunity to showcase a few my favourite images and to explain the beauty and magic I see in each photo. In an age when we have an abundance of photography, I hope it’s refreshing for you to slow down and look a little longer, just as you might do with your own wedding photos. You can of course see lots of wedding images without much commentary on my wedding blog.

I hope that these images will give you and understanding of what I love about being a wedding photographer.

Image # 1 – Flower girls waiting in Carton House

This is definitely one of my current favourites. I took this one in Carton House a couple of years ago. As is normally the case on the wedding morning I was moving between bride’s room and groom’s room. The flower-girls were getting finishing touches while waiting for their Mum to come out with her dress on. I only had a moment to capture the photo. I’m always looking at shapes, light and composition. It doesn’t always come together but when it does it’s magic.

What do I see when I look at this shot?

To me it looks like a painting. I love the moment. It will last forever. The girl on the left is admiring her bouquet while the painting behind looks down on her with a very similar expression. Synchronicity? The room is busy with bags and make-up, all part of every wedding morning. The hairdresser is busy working on the girl in the middle. In the background the waiting father-of-the-bride is briefly obscured as the net curtain has blown in. His hand touches the curtain. Perhaps the room was warm so the windows were open? The flower-girl in front is delightfully spinning. Her dress looks ephemeral and she’s bathed in light from the another window. 

Background of this photo

I was delighted to be booked by the former residents of Carton House. They are a lovely family and a pleasure to be around. As Carton House is their ancestral family home they were full of great stories of memories from the past. You can see more photos from this wedding as it was featured on Irish Wedding Blog.


Kinnitty Castle Speech

Image # 2 – Wedding Couple laughing during speech at Kinnitty Castle

If you have visited my site a few times you may recognise this timeless moment as it’s currently the main photo on my homepage. Wedding speeches are a brilliant time to capture emotion. Regularly there are laughs, tears and embarrassment! When I look back on photos of the speeches I usually see a lot more than I did when I took the photo. An old mentor of mine regularly used to say “photography is all about when you press the button”. For me it’s the moment is when there is a peak of emotional resonance.

What do I see when I look at this shot?

Atmosphere. The lighting is beautiful. It’s all candlelight. Lots of shadows. Strong colours too – reds, green, white, black and yellow. The groom appears to have told a joke at some guest’s expense and he’s watching for the response. The bridesmaid in the back left, almost completely in shadow, hand on mouth is shocked at what he said. The chief bridesmaid loves it. The beautiful bride is the focus of the image. She laughing with her husband and holding his hand, as he delivers the killer line. If this was the only shot of their speeches I feel there is enough in this photo to tell the whole story. You can see more photos from this wedding on my wedding blog.

Background of this photo

When I was starting out as a professional photographer I spent a lot of time shooting at Block T, an arts collective in Dublin. There events were held inside at night and were always very darkly lit so I had to develop skills to shoot in near dark conditions. In this case I added a couple of candles and squeezed the shutter ever so gently so as not to shake the camera. Candles are always a winner.


Brooklodge Wedding Photographer

Image # 3 – Groom embracing daughter at Brooklodge Wedding

As I post each new image here I’m just scanning through my portfolio and choosing whatever jumps out at me. This photo has been one of my favourites for a long time. It was taken at Brooklodge up at the main house after a chapel wedding, I learned so much about reportage / documentary photography because of this photo. I saw the groom greeting his daughter and without checking camera settings (there wasn’t time!) I spun around and took the photo hoping it would come out. By the rules of what makes a great photo this probably doesn’t pass, but to me it’s a perfect moment. 

What do I see when I look at this shot?

I see the connection between father and daughter. She’s standing as tall as she can to greet him. He’s bending over to make close eye contact. It’s a shared moment between the two of them. Everywhere else it’s crazy busy. I think there was a rain shower so everyone was packed into the small reception space. I’m close in – you can see the bridal bouquets dominating the frame. There’s someone leaving in the background. It’s chaos everywhere with a fleeting special moment in the middle.

Background of this photo

The couple who booked me didn’t want any posed shots from start to finish (I think we did 2 family photos). The majority of their images were processed in black and white. It’s a freeing and challenging experience to shoot everything as reportage because there are no photography-by-the-numbers poses to fall back on. The beauty of it though is the real atmosphere of the day will be captured.


Barberstown Castle Wedding Photography - Bride Getting Ready

Image # 4 – Bride putting earring in on wedding morning

While this may look like a posed studio photo, I promise it’s not. The bride here is in her bedroom putting on her jewelry shortly before leaving for her ceremony. There’s a mirror behind her reflecting sunlight and I exaggerated the effect of this in post-processing. She’s concentrating on what she’s doing so pays no attention to her photographer, which allows me to capture a beautiful natural moment. 

What do I see when I look at this shot?

A beautiful bride! It’s bright. And natural. I look at this and think what’ll this photo mean to her when she’d older, maybe with grandchildren. She can show them this photo and say “that was me getting ready on my wedding day!”. 

Background of this photo

I was exhibiting at the RDS wedding show and my 10 year old daughter was helping me out on the stand. I’d popped away so she was alone minding the stand. When I returned she was talking to the bride above and her fiancé. I asked if they needed anymore info and they said no, they have everything the need and they booked me! I was very proud of her and delighted to have been booked by such a lovely couple.  


Wedding Photography - Donnybrook

 Image # 5 – Bride with long veil stepping on to altar in Donnybrook church

This is a photo from the first wedding I ever shot. Since I was starting out it took me a few weeks of work (mostly learning photoshop!) to get the processing on all images finished. In so doing, I learned how to look at photos closer and see possibilities, I learned some tricks of what can be done to make an image become much stronger. After seeing this photo another bride asked me to do a similar shot for her! 

What do I see when I look at this shot?

I see movement and flow. The bright wedding dress and veil contrasts with the rest of the scene and makes the bride center of attention, as she should be! The groom is very attentively looking down to see his bride is ok stepping up. The effect of the bridesmaid holding her veil creates a beautiful curve. There is something a little bit fairy tale about it.  

Background of this photo

When I decided to become a full-time professional photographer I’d offered my services to friends of mine who were getting married. I hadn’t heard back so I’d assumed they’d made other plans. A few weeks before the wedding Gav rings me as asks if I’m still good to shoot their wedding!!! I was shocked but delighted to be asked. I was also sworn to secrecy not to tell Julie he hadn’t confirmed with me. Since it’s more than 10 years ago I’m sure it’s ok for me to talk about it now!


Flower girls running at K Club

 Image # 6 – Flower Girls running at K Club

The Ryder Cup Golf Course (Arnold Palmer course) at the K Club has a balcony overlooking the course. I think it goes without saying that flower girls love weddings.  

What do I see when I look at this shot?

I see freedom.

Background of this photo

When I’m at a wedding I am always on duty. By that I mean I’m always looking to see what is happening. When I’m talking to guests I’m looking and listening to see where the great photos are. There was a BBQ at the club house at this wedding. 


If you feel my photography style is what you would like for your wedding day I invite to get in touch and tell me a little about your day.

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