Kinnitty Castle Wedding Photography

Kinnitty Castle Wedding Photography

"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever."

Fairytale weddings at an Irish Castle

Kinnitty Castle, located in County Offaly, Ireland, is an idyllic location for a dream wedding. I’m no stranger to Kinnitty Castle having first visited the castle for my sister’s wedding. As a professional photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing many unforgettable moments during Kinnitty Castle weddings. Surrounded by lush green forests and rolling hills, the picturesque castle is the perfect place to celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life.  In this blog post, I will share some of my experiences and tips for creating beautiful Kinnitty Castle wedding photographs.

The Castle

Firstly, let’s talk about the castle itself. Built in the 13th century, Kinnitty Castle has a rich history and is filled with unique features that make it an incredible backdrop for photographs. From the grand staircase and stained glass window to the castle turrets and ivy-covered walls, the dungeon bar, the courtyard, the long hall, the library bar, the drawing room, luxury state rooms and the stone circle every corner of this castle offers a unique and romantic setting for wedding photography.
Classic car arriving at Kinnitty Castle Wedding
Moonlight and clouds over Kinnitty Castle at night
Bagpiper outside Kinnitty Castle
Kinnitty Castle Drawing Room
Kinnitty Castle Library Bar

A few of my favourite wedding photos from Kinnitty

Wedding Photography at Kinnitty

One of the most important aspects of wedding photography is capturing the emotions of the day. Kinnitty Castle weddings are full of love and excitement, and as a photographer, it’s important for me to capture these emotions in a way that is authentic and beautiful. Whether it’s the first look between the bride and groom, the father of the bride’s emotional toast, or the joyous celebration on the dance floor, I strive to capture these natural moments in a way that will transport the couple back to their wedding day for years to come. When photographing weddings at Kinnitty Castle, I always make time for a photoshoot with the newlyweds in the castle grounds. The castle’s stunning surroundings, especially the forest offers lots of opportunities for beautiful and romantic photos. I love to incorporate the natural surroundings into the photos, whether it’s using the trees as a framing device or capturing the couple walking hand in hand through the forest. The castle’s unique features, such as the castle walls, turrets and portcullis, also provide a stunning backdrop for photos.

The location

A few of my favourite spots

The Avenue

Perfect for a wedding day stroll and a couple of posed photos.

The Woods

A wedding day woodland stroll, perhaps stopping to see the horses.

The Stone Circle

If you are planning an Irish Castle elopement wedding then the stone circle may just be the place for you to tie the knot.

The Great Hall of the O’ Carrolls

Tie the knot, sing, dance, laugh and love. The great hall has it all.

The Stairways

A journey of a lifetime

Tips for Kinnitty Photos

One of the challenges of photographing weddings at Kinnitty Castle is the unpredictable weather. The Irish weather can be notoriously fickle, with sunshine one minute and rain the next. As a photographer, it’s important to be prepared for any weather conditions. I always bring backup equipment and have a range of lighting techniques to use in different lighting situations. It’s also important to have a backup plan for outdoor photoshoots in case of rain. Kinnitty Castle has plenty of indoor locations that can be used for photos, such as the castle’s grand staircase or one of the castle’s many luxurious state rooms, such as the bridal suite.


One of my favorite things about photographing weddings at Kinnitty Castle is the sense of community and family that is present. Many couples choose to have an intimate wedding at Kinnitty Castle, with close friends and family members in attendance. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for capturing candid moments between loved ones. Whether it’s the bride’s mother helping her with her dress or the groomsmen sharing a laugh, these moments are priceless and make for beautiful photographs.

In addition to capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the day, I also strive to create artistic and creative photographs. Kinnitty Castle’s unique features offer endless opportunities for creative shots. For example, I love to use the castle’s grand staircase as a setting for dramatic and romantic photos (see above). The staircase’s ornate details and dramatic lighting create a sense of grandeur that is perfect for candid wedding photography.

When photographing Kinnitty Castle weddings, it’s important to work closely with the couple to ensure their vision is captured. Every couple is unique, and it’s important to tailor the photography to their individual style and preferences. I work closely with the couple to create the perfect photography for their special day.

In conclusion, Kinnitty Castle is an wonderful venue for a picture perfect wedding!

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