Ais and David at Fota Island

Every wedding I shoot is unique. Every couple and every day is unique. That’s why all my weddings Iook different. I never wish to be the photographer that photographs every wedding in the same way or has a set way to tell each wedding story. If you are reading this and look at the photos here and other weddings I shot I hope you can see how I love to capture things as they happen. Directed photography can be beautiful but it’s not my deepest inspiration. I photographed Ais and David’s wedding back in 2011. I love David’s mum looking back in the this first photo – there is something about it. Lots of people have commented on it so there must be something in the photo that connects to us all.

That’s the beauty of un-directed documentary photography. Look and see for yourself. Or as I say Stop. Look Closer. See More.

As agreed with Ais and David I processed their wedding mostly in black and white. Being a black tie wedding I think it works very well. I shoot and process colour and black and white as best fits each wedding. I love both.

Ais and David are professional Irish dancers and have toured the world. They asked me to stay late in the evening to get some extra photos of them dancing with their friends. It was spectacular.


Most people want a few posed shots on the day. There a few here:
Whenever I’m ask to do a group shot of all guests I always suggest doing in at the end of the ceremony. The main reason for this is that everybody is there and it only takes a minute to take the photo. Family and close friends are always nearest the front too. It saves 20 – 30 mins that it would take to gather everyone together at the reception venue.
A few colour shots here to show the wedding reception room at Fota Island Hotel.
It rained on the day so we didn’t go far for the couple shoot. We spent about 5 mins on it and got some lovely natural looking photos.
I love the shot of the ladies waiting for the Irish dancing to start.
What a party is was!