Joanne and Gerry at Kinnitty Castle

As I begin my blogging journey I’ve decided to pick from my wedding photography archive at random. I have so many amazing weddings in my portfolio¬†with wonderful couples I’m so excited to share with everyone. I want to show how true documentary wedding photography elevates the ordinary to the sublime and will connect to your heart and memory forever. After all it is photographic memory haha.¬†


This first one is a wedding I photographed in Kinnitty Castle around 5 years ago. There are lots of reasons I’m drawn to it. Firstly, I love lots of the photos from it (see my comments below) . Secondly, the weather that day wasn’t too great so we didn’t go outside for a couple photoshoot. Take a look at the photos and see if you think it matters? I don’t. Thirdly, I shot reportage / documentary photography style 99% of the time. And lastly, but not least, Joanne and Gerry were an awesome couple to shoot at a place I always enjoy visiting, Kinnitty Castle! Joanne is originally from Ireland and Gerry is from the US so this was a destination wedding for them.

This next shot is one of my favourites. The bride, 5 bridesmaids and her Mum walking down the stairs. What I love most is the movement and flow in the image. Both staircases can be seen, It’s the journey to the ceremony and it’s completely undirected (of course!). The head bridesmaid isn’t carrying her bouquet – I presume that’s so she can help the bride with her dress. The red walls and red dresses. The tone. The pictures on the walls are distorted and hidden. It’s clearly a castle. There’s a great story in this image and I’ve looked at it many many times over the years.
I love this next shot. I shot this entire wedding without using a flash as far as I can remember. This shot shows why. The candlelight here adds so much to the fun atmosphere. I have no idea what has been said but it looks like the groom is slagging someone and it’s shocking in a fun way. Look at the bridesmaid in the back in the shade. And the bride and groom holding hands. Magic.